Building Stronger Businesses One Payroll At A Time™

From Time-Punch to... Paycheck

  • Highly intuitive set-up wizard
  • Unlimited employees' pay policies and shifts
  • Simplified tracking of all accruals
  • Error checking system
  • Automatic time entries for approved absences
  • Multiple overtime categories
  • Premium time and shift differentials
  • Meal and break time reporting
  • Handles flex time and split shifts
  • Holiday and employee benefit management
  • Optional job-costing module
  • Unlimited user defined schedules
  • Exports to all popular payroll programs
  • Optional employee self-service

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Swipeclock is a web-based time and attendance software that is equally effective for both hourly and salary paid personnel. It replaces punch clocks, time cards, and time sheets with a simple, yet powerful software system.