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  • Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing
  • Service, Professional & Financial
  • Fast Food Chains & Restaurants
  • Businesses with 1 to 100,000+ Employees
  • Municipalities & School Boards
  • Non-Profits, Trade Groups
  • General and Specialty Contractors
  • Fortune 50 to Fortune 500
  • Background Screening

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BenePAY offers a unique and powerful blend of payroll, tax and benefit administration tools. We provide local dedicated customer service, industry expertise, modern technology & flexibility.

BenePAY caters to your company's needs by offering two technologically advanced methods for you to conduct day to day payroll and human resource operations. Our secure web-based product,, is accessible from wherever you do business and our client/server platform, M3, has an open architecture that allows for customization and scalability. We offer an easy to navigate, efficient solution to handle the complexities of today's payroll and human resource needs, while providing you the time and flexibility to focus on the other aspects of your business. is BenePAY’s on-line, real time payroll processing solution. This web-based application is extremely user friendly and is incredibly robust. Our clients benefit from 24/7 access from anywhere the internet is available. With, we house your payroll data so you don’t have to worry about stressing your internal network. There is no software for you to install and all updates and maintenance is performed by BenePAY. is fully encrypted and security is a top priority.


For those that prefer a client/server application, we offer Millennium 3 or M3 for short. With M3, you have the ability to house your own payroll data. The M3 software is highly customizable and incorporates all the features you would expect in a world class payroll application. M3 allows several users to access the system simultaneously and for the administration to define security rolls. You also have the capability of viewing multi-year pay history at the click of a button. There is no need to leave the employee screen to run compensation reports. Your pay entry grid is completely customizable for smooth, quick entry of payroll information. It also offers several entry options, including one employee per page or batch input, as well as time imports.

For clients that do not wish to input their own data, BenePAY also offers Call in, Call Out, E-Mail or Fax processing options. Enjoy the benefits of working with one of our highly training, dedicated Client Service Representatives. We make it our business to understand your individual payroll needs.

We have taken the time to study and interact with companies of all sizes and have integrated our findings into the design of our product and services. BenePAY understands the payroll needs of business owners and are in tune with your priorities.

Tax Administration Service

BenePAY offers three levels of payroll tax administration.

  • Full Tax Service - includes federal, state and local tax filing and payment. We withhold and remit all tax liability . All applicable payroll tax returns are filed on your behalf, including 941’s, 943’s, 940’s, State Unemployment, State/Local Withholding returns, W-2’s and 1099’s. Under this service, BenePAY assumes all liability for timeliness and accuracy.
  • Tax Notification Service - allows you the control to handle your own filing and remittance. BenePAY will provide you with a report detailing the appropriate amounts and due dates for any payroll tax liabilities. Your tax returns will also be prepared by BenePAY and delivered to you, signature ready.
  • W-2/1099’s Only - If you choose to process your own payroll, but wish to outsource year-end, we also have the capability to just produce your W-2’s and/or 1099’s.

Click here to learn more about our Tax Services.

General Ledger Interface

BenePAY can create custom general ledger reports and interface with many popular accounting software packages. If your general ledger information needs to be forwarded to a different department, CPA or other third party, BenePAY can automatically provide the information as soon as payroll has processed.

Bank Checks

Let BenePAY help ease the burden of bank reconciliation. Your employees’ live checks will be written on our trust account which means you only need to reconcile one number for all net pay. In addition, through our bank checks program, your company will be less susceptible to fraud.

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Paperless Payroll

Go green with BenePAY. Take advantage of our direct deposit or pay card solution, along with our Employee Self Service option. Eliminate the need for paper vouchers and stacks of unutilized payroll reports. All reports are available to view or print on demand.

Direct Deposit/Pay Card

Clients and employees enjoy the convenience of full service direct deposit or pay card. Deposits can be made for part or all of net pay into as many accounts as desired.

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service (ESS) gives your employees access to payroll and personal information. This convenient, secure on-line portal is available to your employees 24/7.

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Highly Secure Press & Seal Checks

Press and seal checks eliminate the need for envelopes and add additional security. They are tamper proof and highly confidential. Our checks include six of the most enhanced security features on the market.

Check Signing

For clients that wish to have payroll checks drawn off their own bank account, we offer our check signing service. All checks will be laser signed with your authorized signature.

Agency Checks/Garnishment Payment Service

Let us handle your garnishment and child support obligations. We offer the ease of either automatic ACH remittance or a paper check prepared for your immediate distribution.


Both and M3 offer robust reporting options. Choose from any of our wide array of standard reports or create your own. If you need help creating a report just call your Client Service Representative. BenePAY provides a full range of reportable data, including fiscal and multi-year reporting. Any report can be printed by BenePAY and delivered with your payroll package or view and printed at your site. Any report can be e-mailed on demand as directed by you. They can also be saved to multiple software applications, including, but not limited to, PDF, Excel, CSV or Word.

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Labor Distribution

For clients that require distribution of labor, BenePAY has the answer. BenePAY allows for a wide range of entry and output options to accommodate your wage assignments and reporting needs. Allocation percentages can be automatically distributed each payroll or entered by line item for distributions that constantly vary.

Workers Compensation Audit Reporting

Classify and distribute wages based on employee workers compensation coding. You have the ability to specify rates, states, officer limits and experience ratings for accurate, audit reporting output. An employee’s workers compensation rate and liability can also be allocated at the time of payroll entry.

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Time Off Accrual

No more manual tracking of vacation, PTO or sick pay. Manage all of your policies and accruals with our user friendly software. Employee balances and year to date earnings can be made available on the check voucher at your discretion. This information is also accessible through our Employee Self Service portal.

Time & Attendance

BenePAY offers a wide range of time and attendance solutions to meet your company’s unique needs. Click here to find out more.

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